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All those,

  • who feel motivated by competition,
  • who have always wanted to take a look behind the scenes of European politics and
  • who like long term planning in their lives

can take a closer look at this internship programme and the European Commission’s call for applications:

Eligibility criteria for this paid 5-month internship programme in one of the COM’s services and agencies are:

  • a degree from a university of at least three years’ duration,
  • work experience in an EU institution that does not exceed six weeks, and
  • very good knowledge of one EU working languages (English, French, German) as well as a second one.

The next application period for traineeships starting in March 2024 will be open from 18 July 2023 to 31 August 2023.

Oh… and here we know, we disappoint you… These internships are not Erasmus+ scholarship eligible.

Good luck anyway!