Study abroad or AND do an internship abroad
Don’t decide – combine study, work and pleasure.

Are you already studying at a foreign university? Then seize the opportunity and gain work experience in your target country with a subsequent internship – or satisfy your wanderlust by “conquering” another country!

What are the advantages for you?

An internship abroad can be very well combined with studying abroad, because you usually have a few weeks off between the end of the semester abroad and the start of lectures at your home university. In addition, you have already made a lot of efforts before your departure – so the effort is doubly worthwhile if you add an internship after your studies abroad.

You will gain important additional qualifications for your future career and

  • a deeper insight into the culture of your target country.
    During your studies you were able to explore the country with international fellow students – but now you also want to get to know the locals? During your internship, you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the culture of your target country by working side by side with local people.
  • a comprehensive insight into the working methods and corporate culture of another country.
    Studying abroad you get to know the (educational) culture and the life of local students. But what about the internship facility? How many weekly working hours are customary in your country? Is a 20-minute “powernap” allowed in the office? What is the relationship between superiors and employees? Is a boss the undisputed authority or are critical discussions desired?
    There are many other interesting questions and aspects worth answering and discovering. Depending on the target country and company, you will receive different answers and a more diversified view of the working culture in your home country.
  • a practical application of your foreign language skills. How do you formulate a polite customer inquiry in French? Is your Spanish really business fluent? Do you communicate in Portuguese or English at your Portuguese company?
    In short, you will be attracted to using newly learnt or improved foreign language skills! During an internship abroad, you can apply these skills in communication with superiors, colleagues and customers. As a general rule, improved knowledge of the local language during your studies abroad will increase your chances of finding a great internship.
  • the opportunity to make international contacts.
    Whether you are at the beginning of your Bachelor’s degree or in the final stages of your Master’s degree – having contacts in different countries and industries can’t hurt your entry into the world of work. During your studies abroad you will get to know professors and fellow students. In the internship you will expand this network and receive numerous help and tips from superiors, employees and other expats – for your professional as well as personal further development.
  • a renumeration.
    After a few weekend trips, parties and – of course – expenses for a lot of study-related literature, an internship is not only profitable for your knowledge, depending on the target country and the amount of your salary.

Depending on the target country and the availability of your scholarship, you can be sponsored again via Erasmus+ or other programs for your internship – regardless of any possible remuneration.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]