Don't transfer money abroad!

In our information events and websites we regularly warn against transferring the rental deposit abroad. Large cities such as Dublin, Madrid or London are attractive places for students to do internships abroad. Fraudsters who advertise flats that do not exist or do not even belong to them, usually under false names, also know this. If there is agreement, interested parties are asked to transfer the deposit and the first monthly rent in advance to a foreign bank account. The amount, sometimes more than 1,000 EUR, is then lost, because you cannot reverse a transfer.

As students have recently fallen for this trick, we would like to warn you again not to send money abroad via bank transfer if you or your friends have not visited the apartment. You can find out how to get an apartment more safely or whether a hostel might be better for the beginning on our page Living Abroad.

Another tip: Credit card payments can usually be cancelled up to 120 days later via “Chargeback”.