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Welcome to university!

With your studies, a new, exciting chapter in your life begins… or do you see yourself sitting in a grey lecture hall for the next semesters learning theories and formulas by heart?

Let’s admit it – that will certainly be part of your time! You will fight your way through exams, roll book after book and spend many hours in the library. But you will spend at least as long in your favourite pub, make many new friends, explore a new city and experience a lot here in Saxony…

But I’m sure you still want to…

…see more?
Then discover new countries, new cultures and new ways of working and see yourself and your culture with different eyes thanks to an internship abroad.

…do more?
Then work as a prospective industrial engineer in Spain, support an NGO in Colombia, work at a language institute in Sweden or apply your medical knowledge in Japan – and learn from and with other cultures.

…become more?
You will become more than just the new intern. You will be a valuable employee, you will get to know new approaches to your projects and you will be able to find out where and as what you might want to work later.

So … become more! Do an internship abroad!

Inform yourself already now about the preparation and planning as well as numerous promotion possibilities for an internship abroad on our pages.