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Since the beginning of the year, so-called T5 visas are required for Erasmus+ internships in the UK. Prior to this application you need a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), which we’ll need to apply for you.
Your tasks in this process are:

  • Submit your application for Erasmus+ funding for your internship in the UK on our website,
  • Sign (and have it signed) the completed Erasmus+ contract (Grant Agreement and Learning Agreement) and send it back to us,
  • Provide us with the completed CoS application form,
  • Submit the acceptance letter from the host organisation confirming the start and end dates of the internship as well as your tasks and obligations,
    (Please note that the letter must be written on the company’s letterhead, signed, dated and stamped by the host),
  • Submit a copy of your passport, including all ID details, e.g. biometric page and exit stamp,
    (Each page must be clearly visible. Please ensure that the validity date of the passport is valid for at least six months exceeding the end date of your internship).
  • Submit a criminal record check if you are a non-European citizen,
  • Submit your bilateral internship contract with your host company (scan is sufficient) if you’ll receive a salary.

Our tasks are:

  • To send all the above mentioned documents to the British Council. According to our own information, the processing in the British Council can take up to 4 weeks, then we should the certificate number.
  • To forward the received certificate number to you, enabling you to start your visa application.

We would like to point out that this process will not be free of charge. Additionally you will be required to financially contribute to the British National Health Service (NHS). Details can be found here:

Please note the timeline:

  1. Scholarship application and contract preparation (3-4 weeks).
  2. Signature of the internship contracts (Erasmus+ and, if applicable, by the internship company), which must be submitted in original (2-4 weeks)
  3. Certificate of Sponsorship (4 weeks)
  4. Visa application (process time currently not known)
  5. Start of the internship after receiving the visa

Last not least we would like to mention, that the requirements and procedure described above have been prescribed by the British. The whole two-step visa application process appears to be time-consuming and possibly costly. We are happy to assist you as described above, but beyond that we will not be able to speed up or simplify the administrative procedures. We understand if you want to refrain from this administrative effort. Alternatively you could plan an internship in a Scandinavian country. There, too, English language skills are perfectly adequate and the internships are at least as exciting as in the UK. We will be happy to provide you with contact details of institutions we know upon request.