Find the Right Internship for You

We are partnered with diverse countries both in the European Union and outside of the EU. Therefore, where you choose to complete your internship depends on your personal and professional learning objectives. There are a few ways to find the right internship for you!

First, choose your:

  • Destination
  • Structure of company (small or medium sized, Family-owned business, International corporation, etc.)
  • Organization, i.e. EU institutions, Goethe-Institutions, Foreign universities
  • Specific industry. Ex: Tourism, Consulting, Graphic Design, etc.

If you would like to work for a specific company, check its online job portal for international internship vacancies. You can also consider which professional qualifications you want to gain and use them as a basis for your choices.

Here is a list of resources that could make your search easier:

For further sources please check this document.