Searching for Accomodation Abroad

Do you want a luxurious apartment for yourself or are you looking to live with flatmates?
Is there public transport from your apartment to your workplace?

        Looking for accommodation can be time-consuming for some countries, which is why you should start searching before your contract lands in your inbox. At the beginning of your trip abroad, it may be a good idea to stay in a hostel or an AirBnb. During your stay there, you could look for shared flat, or you can rent an apartment before arriving without seeing the apartment in person.

In some cases, your internship institution offers their own accommodation or provides you with a list of housing options that former interns enjoyed. Relatives or friends in your internship destination country are also a good source of information when looking for accommodation. Please also check university websites in your destination country, as there might be student hostels or apartments available for international interns.

Further accomodation search options can be found on the following websites:

Wimdu   Just Landed   Studenten-WG   WG-gesucht   Casaswap   Graigslist   Couchsurfing

         Please note the public transport options near your new home for your daily commute to and from work. For example, your London work commute could take two hours in one direction! You can also plan whether you should use public transport, bike, or drive a rented car to and from work.

The general rule is: Be cautious, especially if a deposit or monthly rent is required by the landlord in advance. Never transfer money to a foreign account for an apartment that you have not seen or that has not yet been visited by a friend/family member living in your destination country.