Insurance Coverage

For your internship exchange, keep in mind that German insurance coverage does not automatically apply abroad. Insurance regulations vary greatly in different situations. For example, all Erasmus+ interns are responsible for their own insurance coverage for the duration of their internship, including travel to and from their destination. You should read your insurance policy carefully and be aware of the conditions before departing your home country.

The most important types of insurance to obtain include:

  • Accident insurance: In most EU countries, workplace accident insurance coverage is provided by the internship organization. Please ask your internship institution for more information. For the tourism industry, additional accident insurance from a private provider is recommended.
  • Travel Health insurance: Many health insurance plans include coverage for trips abroad, but it usually lasts a shorter duration or only covers vacations. Since internships last longer, you have to check whether the coverage is sufficient for your internship needs.

          German health insurance usually only covers basic health insurance. Often, the costs for comparable treatment in Germany are reimbursed to the person receiving the service. Some insurers exclude health insurance coverage for working abroad. It is therefore advisable to seek advice from your health insurance company and purchase additional insurance if needed. Most travel health insurance (such as DAAD group insurance) for travel purposes does not cover acute and/or chronic illnesses. Therefore,  you might have to purchase additional insurance.

  • Private liability insurance: Private liability insurance must be purchased for the duration of your internship (including travel). The DAAD insurance package is also a great choice for this purpose. Conditions for protection at your new workplace are usually similar to accident insurance conditions.

Please note: You should contact your health insurance company as soon as possible to find out about your insurance coverage abroad! Also remember that obtaining insurance coverage before departure is mandatory for Erasmus+ placements.