Insurance Coverage

First of all you need to keep in mind that

  • All Erasmus+ interns are responsible for their own insurance coverage for the duration of their internship.
  • German insurance coverage does not automatically apply abroad.
  • The insurance coverage for internships abroad must include travel to and from the host country and should cover a period exceeding the planned internship by app. 2 months.(Consider Corona information)

Students need to read your insurance policies carefully and become aware of the conditions before departing your home country.
The Erasmus+ stipend requires all beneficiaries to acquire the following insurances:

  • Accident insurance: German students who are carrying out an internship abroad are not covered by their home university insurance (Unfallkasse Sachsen). In most EU countries, workplace accident insurance coverage is provided by the internship organization for the duration of the internship. This is subject to negotiation with your employer. If not provided, students must acquire an insurance themselves. If provided, students need to add accident insurance for their leisure time in the host country.
  • Health insurance: Please check the conditions of your stay abroad with your German Health insurance provider. The usual offers for tourism purpose should not be sufficiant and must therefore, be upgraded and/or tailored to your situation.
  • Private liability insurance: This insurance covers damage, that students might cause during their stay abroad at work or elsewhere.

All these insurances are mandatory for the Erasmus+ internships. Again, it is the students responsibility to take care of the insurance coverage.
To ease things up, the DAAD insurance package is a great choice.
However, please keep in mind, that if students suffer from acute and/ or chronic illnesses, this might not be subject in the general DAAD offer. In such cases it could be advisable to tailor your current German Health insurance to your internship abraod.