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Find Out Whether You Need a Visa

Do you need a visa or work permit?
Which residence regulations apply in your target country?

Information on whether you need a visa/work permit for your internship can be found at the consulate of your destination country or on the Federal Foreign’s Office website. The cost of getting a visa varies depending on your destination country. Country-specific information can also be found on the DAAD country pages (which is only available in German.)

Within Europe
In European Economic Area (EU) countries, you can enter and work as an EU citizen without a visa. If you are not an EU citizen, please obtain a visa and work permit.

Outside Europe
          Applying for a visa is an essential part of the preparation process outside Europe, and should therefore be a part of your preparation plans. For example, waiting for a US visa could last several months, so be aware of such logistics.

          Please check the validity of your passport. Depending on the destination country, your passport should be valid for at least 6 months during your stay. If this is not guaranteed, please apply for a new passport ahead of time. Also, make sure to bring a copy of your passport just in case the original version gets lost.