Details of Internship Contracts

What are your working hours like?
Who will be your supervisior?

If your application was successful and leads to an internship contract, there are a few points to consider. Before starting your internship, clarify your rights and duties, such as your work hours or whether the internship will be paid or unpaid. Also check whether a minimum wage is required for trainees and make sure that all supervisors and mentors who were named in the contract have signed the documents.

The contract should include the following:

  • Contact details of your supervisor or HR representative
  • The tasks and responsibilities of your internship. Ex: A detailed task plan
  • Type and amount of payment
  • Rights and obligations of all parties
  • Information on insurance coverage
  • Holiday leave conditions
  • Evaluation and internship certificate

In some cases (such as when you receive financial support), you will need a signed internship contract. Also check whether a feedback report or presentation is required by the company at the end of your internship.