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Living expenses abroad - Sometimes you gain, somestimes not

How much money do you need for your accomodation, food and leisure activities?
Are living costs abroad comparable to your expenses at home?

     The average cost of living varies depending on your destination country and city. You can gain a lot of information on the current cost of living from:

  • International students who have previously lived in your destination country
  • Websites that compare living expenses amongst different cities (such as Numbeo)
  • Our team at the Leonardo-Büro Sachsen will also be happy to advise you on financial matters.

When planning your finances abroad, you should take the following costs into consideration:

  • Costs for visa
  • Accommodation
  • Transport costs to and within the destination country (public transport, flights, bike/car rental)
  • Food
  • Travel costs for day trips
  • Entertainment