BAföG outside of Germany

Is it possible to benefit from BAföG during your stay abroad?

Even if you do not receive domestic BAföG, you can co-finance your internship abroad with the help of foreign BAföG under certain conditions. This requires an internship duration of at least 12 weeks. In addition, the tasks and objectives of your internship must be conducive to your field of study.

The application should be submitted 4-6 months before starting the internship; however, at the latest in the month of the internship start.
Please note: Do not wait for the approval of the host institution before submitting your application.

For the time abroad, surcharges for tuition fees, travel expenses, additional health insurance costs and higher living costs (outside the EU) are paid additionally to the BAföG domestic rate. Compensation for compulsory internships will be fully credited, Erasmus+ grants in excess of EUR 300 will be deducted from the BAföG benefit.

You can find more information here.