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Explore Your Destination Country After Arrival

How do you make new friends and connections in your destination country?
Can you still benefit from student discounts as an intern?

As soon as you have arrived in your target country, you will need to consider a few organizational aspects such as registering your address with the local authorities in your new city.
Besides these organizational aspects… you will quickly immerse yourself in your new home if you approach your environment in an open-minded and active way, such as including many trips to cultural and sporting events in your schedule. Current events and offers can usually be found on social media, posters around the city, or local websites.

How to Get to Your Destination Country

You can reach your destination country by plane, train, bus, with your own car, or by ride-sharing. Check different websites for transportation tickets and make sure to look for discounts and offers for students or young adults.

Here are some websites for comparing flight, bus, and train tickets:

Mobile Phone & Internet

In order to avoid an expensive phone bill because you made a few too many calls outside Europe, it is advisable to purchase a prepaid SIM card from a local provider. Within the EU, additional roaming costs for your mobile phone have been eliminated thanks to EU roaming. Find out here about country-specific tariffs and prepaid SIM cards or ask your mobile phone provider about international tariff plans.

Networking with Locals and International Students

Making connections with locals and other interns will give you unforgettable memories to take home from your life abroad. Meeting new people can lead to learning about the best accommodation in the city, where you can rent/buy a bicycle, tips on where to hang out at night, and much more.

You can also find internship network groups in many cities that offer weekly meetings and regulars’ tables. These groups can be found on social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) when you look up keywords like “city + internship”. For example, you can find a Geneva Intern Association (GIA) for Geneva, Brussels Interns for a stay in Brussels, and many others. There are also regulars’ tables and weekly meetings by and for students at universities where you are welcome as an intern or university staff member.

International Student Cards for Discounts

You can save tons of money with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) because you get worldwide discounts by using the card in specific places. For detailed information on the card and application process, please visit the ISIC website. Do not forget to apply for the card early so that you benefit from advantages upon departure.

With a membership card from the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) you cna get discounts for things like overnight stays or restaurant meals. Detailed information can be found on the ESN website. Start saving as soon as your feet land at your destination country by applying for the card earlier.