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Story Telling by Former Interns & Alumni

Get inspired by the international experiences of former interns and alumni. Maybe you will find out how to plan your journey to Vietnam, or what it’s like to work in a Belgian company. Through these experience reports, you can discover what to expect when being an intern in France, or how you can spend your free time in Japan. Use the following links to read reports of exchange student experiences, get ideas in forums and tons of useful insider tips:


Erfahrungsblog Uni Bremen “Praxisschock”
Mein Praktikum
Weltweiser Auslandsforum
Internships Abroad Blog
Erfahrungsberichte LMU München





Erfahrungsberichte TU Ilmenau
Youth Reporter – Blog

USA & Canada
Praktikum – USA

Asia Exchange – Blog

If you have already completed an internship or research stay abroad, fellow students and colleagues will be happy to read about your experiences and to obtain hands-on tips. You are welcome to send us your report or a short article with helpful advice via eMail.