Experience reports - Story telling by former interns

Get inspired by the experiences of former interns – find out how to plan your journey to Vietnam – find out about working life in a Belgian company – find out what you can expect in France – read about how you can spend your leisure time in Japan – immerse yourself in the exciting world of New Zealand – read reports of experiences, exchange ideas in forums and get many useful insider tips:


Clips zu Erfahrungen im Auslandspratika
Mein Praktikum
Weltweiser Auslandsforum
Erfahrungsberichte Universität Augsburg
Erfahrungsberichte LMU München
Hin & Weg Blog Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz
• Erfahrungsblog Uni Bremen

Erfahrungsberichte TU Ilmenau
Youth Reporter – Blog

USA & Canada
Praktikum – USA

Asia Exchange – Blog

If you have already completed an internship or research stay abroad, your fellow students and colleagues will be happy to read about your experiences and to obtain hands-on information. You are welcome to send us your report or a short note with helpful advice via eMail.