Internships abroad in times of pandemic crisis

We would like to support the preparations of your stay abroad in the best possible way, we want to provide the service we are known for. From our point of view, the current circumstances require even greater care in planning and preparation. With our collection of important questions targeting possible pandemic circumstances below, we would like to draw your attention to Corona-related peculiarities.
They are intended to complement our information in the “Before you go” section. So far, we’ve shared the this information related to Corona pandemic developments in a more direct way during our online info events and telephone counsellation. Now we have summarized it for individual research as well, because the safety of our students shall always come first.

Generate ideas and check Corona-pandemic situation

Every internship abroad starts with planning in terms of contents and time and result in a decision on a specific destination country.
Living in the pandemic situation now forces you to carry out a fact check directly following this creative phase:

1. What is the pandemic situation in the target country
2. What is the medical care situation in the target country? Will it be sufficient for your sense of security?
3. Check the current overseas health insurance conditions. Make sure that the consequences of a possible Corona disease have not been excluded.
4. Are there any current travel warnings or restrictions?
5. Check the current visa conditions: are visas being issued at all?

Stipend programme search

Check your available finances critically.

Reconsider the following questions:
1. Do your financial resources cover any increased travel costs?
2. Are you able to cope with unforeseen costs, for example if
– The cost of living in the destination country has increased due to the pandemic,
– return travel is unexpectedly delayed,
– additional costs such as covid testing have to be factored in?

The Erasmus and Promos funding programs have adapted to the pandemic situation and generally support students in their projects in a variety of ways:
The following measures are currently possible:

– Postpone the internship, or
– Homeoffice in the own country, if leaving the country is not possible.
– Home office in the host country and the recognition of quarantine periods on the funding as well as
– Interruption of the internship in case of a pandemic-related change in the security situation.
– Likewise, the termination of the internship and, if applicable,
– the assumption of costs if these cannot be reimbursed in any other way and the students already have a signed sponsorship contract.

The exact measures, tailored to the specific situation of the respective student and the applicable scholarship program, will be explained in detail in a personal discussion with the program managers at LEOSACHSEN.

Internship search

Searching for an internship, you should now aditionally consider:
1. Whether  the virtual start of the internship would be possible, or
2. To which start date the internship could be postponedat the latest, if the travel conditions do not allow the travel to the host country for the time being.

Furthermore, it must be clarified which measures would come into play if the corona situation in the country changes during the course of the internship:
1. Do your financial resources cover any increased travel costs? Can the internship be interrupted and continued later?
2. What happens in case of termination?

In addition, the question of recognition of your (mandatory) internship, should be clarified with your examination office:
1. What happens if the internship cannot be started in the designated time period?
2. In what way will quarantine periods be recognized?
3. In what way will virtual work phases be recognized?
4. What happens in the event of an interruption or forced termination, which prevents you from finishing the requested minimum working hours?

Application for the stipend

The scholarship application can be made in any offered program and can be modified or withdrawn at any time with reference to the development of the respective personal situation without any harm.

The NA DAAD also offers up-to-date and comprehensive information on questions concerning internships via Erasmus+ in times of the pandemic.

Prepare your stay abroad

The Regulations on international flights require a negative covid test for outbound and return travel.
1. Check your option and the test conditions as well as the costs in your own country before booking the arrival flights in order to be able to comply with the 48-hour rule.
2. Check the same for the host country in order to be able to travel back without any issues.
3. Inquire the quarantine rules in the host country and ensure your supply during this period.

Schedule your travel

In times of Corona pandemic you should additionally consider the following:

  • Rules and regulations change considerably to adapt to the pandemic situation. We therefore, advice you to use this website to always be informed best about the current travel regulations. Open the website chose your host country and read the information on the right side.
  • In Germany you need to digitally announce your arrival. This might also be necessary in your host country, therefore, please get informed.
  • Whether you are subject to quarantine in Germany you may read here. It is your task to research the according rules in your host country. You might be successful by talking to your future internship host or the according embassy websites.
  • Saxon official announcements point out necessary rules in times of pandemic crisis. Please get well informed regarding the specific regulations in your host country/ region as well.

Our advice intents to support all interested applicants, to seize the chance of temporarily relocating their center of life to another country. The LEONARDO-BÜRO SACHSEN supports your efforts in responsibly preparing your stay abroad, both with regard to your own life and to the everyone elses’.
We would be pleased to receive reports of experiences or helpful tips on how to deal with the situation from student to student.