Preparing for Your Placement Abroad

DISCOVER new cultures– Live like the locals by immersing yourself in a new way of life.

GAIN knowledge– Find research internships that will help you progress your studies.

SUCCEED in your internship– Get international business experience in a diverse environment.

With an internship or research program abroad, you will discover foreign cultures and working environments. This will open your mind to new perspectives.

However, a successful journey requires careful planning and preparation.

We suggest you: Research your new life abroad- Be conscious of finances

The LEONARDO-BÜRO SACHSEN will help you with these steps

  • With one-on-one appointments during consultation hours
  • By phone at +49 351 463 42444
  • By email

In addition, you will find tips and advice on our website that will help make planning and preparation stress-free.

Also, please pay attention to important application deadlines for scholarships, visas, and  academic recognition of your grades.

Read up on application requirements and cultural adaptation to smoothen the preparation process.