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TUD - Santander Scholarships for Internships

What is a Santander University?

TU Dresden is one of 24 partner universities of the Santander Group in Germany.

As part of its global corporate social responsibility, Santander Bank maintains cooperations with so-called “Santander Universities”. These are universities around the globe with interesting projects to promote higher education. In Germany, Santander supports student mobility, among other things.


What is the program TUD - Santander scholarships for internships?

Project title:
TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships
Program duration:
01.01.2020 to 31.12.2022.
Coordination and project management:
LEONARDO-BÜRO SACHSEN on behalf of the TU Dresden and Santander.
Project partners:
TU Dresden
Career Service of the TU Dresden
Goals and content:
With the program “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships” the TU Dresden and the Santander Consumer Bank contribute to increase the attractiveness of graduates of the TU Dresden at Saxon companies. Supported internships in Saxon companies are intended to provide students with an easy access to the Saxon economy in their field of study or as preparation for a lateral career entry. The wide range of training of practice-related competences provided in the internships supports career preparation already during the course of studies.
The TU Dresden highly values the contribution of this regional internship program to promote employability and entrepreneurship of its students.

Objectives and goals of the TUD - Santander internship program

Traditionally, the specialized training of applicants in Germany is important for companies. This is particularly true in the natural sciences, engineering and medicine. The program “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships” aims to enable this professional orientation during internships in Saxon companies.

In addition, there will be the chance to complete internships in related or other fields if students wish to broaden their professional horizons. This will be particularly useful for students in the humanities and social sciences. The program aims to encourage them to realize that they are able to work professionally in an enterprise because of their education. Trying out new professional business concepts will help to make better use of valuable potential on both sides.

When selecting new personnel, companies are increasingly emphasizing advanced skills, especially “soft” skills. When it comes to filling important positions in human resources, finance or marketing departments, as well as for managing projects, young managers will be needed in the future who bring precisely these social, (inter)cultural and personality-shaping competencies, as well as a team- and value-oriented management and leadership culture with a view to the significant regional/global issues of environmental protection and the socially beneficial use of resources. In the long run, this will lead to closer cooperation between engineering and humanities, and thus to the development of good regional solutions and more joint social responsibility.

Who can do an internship with a Santander Scholarship?

The “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships” program is aimed at students of all majors who are in a full course of study, have completed half of their degree, or are in a postgraduate or second degree program and are willing to

  • to get to know the business world of a Saxon company through a three-month internship,
  • develop or test important professional, strategic, company-related and social competences,
  • to prove themselves in work/research teams,
  • to get acquainted with current economic developments in the region, in Germany and worldwide, which are important for the selected industry and
  • who can imagine entering the business world in their field of specialization related to the course of study or a “lateral entry” into related or new fields of specialization.

Internship Duration/Scholarship Award

An internship sponsored by Santander lasts three months.

The Santander scholarship is 500 EUR per month. It is granted per person for 3 months.

The Santander Scholarship is awarded exclusively for internships in business or business/industry-related companies.

The following scholarships are available:

2020: 10 scholarships

2021/2022: 35 scholarships

Standards of Quality for a TUD - Santander Internship

  • The internship enables the training/expansion of the professional and social competences for full-time TU Dresden students; if necessary, also the foreign language and intercultural competences.
  • During the internship, students are supervised by a tutor in the internship company and are integrated into the company and the relevant team.
  • The internship tasks are designed to meet the requirements of a student internship with independent work. The tasks should be challenging and demanding.
  • The results of the internship will benefit the company. They contribute to motivate students of the TU Dresden for a career entry in the economy or in business/industry related institutions.
  • The internship is supervised by LEONARDO-BÜRO SACHSEN (monitoring, mediation in case of problems).

Application criteria

The “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships” program is aimed at full-time students from all areas of TU Dresden. Applications are open to students in the following areas who have already completed half of their studies (except in the case of previously completed vocational training, a second degree, or students in a master’s or postgraduate program).

  • School of Science (Mathematics, Psychology and Natural Sciences areas),
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Education, Arts and Culture, Linguistics and Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences),
  • School of Engineering Sciences (Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Science and Engineering),
  • School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Civil and Environmental Sciences, Business and Economics, Transportation and Traffic, Architecture)
  • School of Medicine (all offered areas of medicine)

In particular, the following students are addressed to participate in the program:

– Post-graduation candidates of the “Deutschlandstipendium”,

– foreign students.

Privacy policy

For what purposes shall personal data be processed?

Personal data is processed exclusively to enable the awarding of scholarships for the “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships” program at TU Dresden.

In order to prove the proper use of funds, the data that is required for this purpose is processed. Further information can be found at

Who is responsible for data processing and whom can data subjects contact?

Dresden University of Technology


01062 Dresden

Contact person

Mr.: Dr. Husam Mohammad


Data Protection Officer of the TU Dresden

Mr. Jens Syckor

01062 Dresden

Phone: +49 (0)351 463 32839

Fax: +49 (0)351 463 39718


What is the legal basis for processing personal data?

The legal basis for the processing of personal data here is Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. b) DSGVO.

What personal data is processed and how long is it stored ?

The personal data specified in the relevant application documents are processed.

If it is determined that a sponsorship or internship does not materialize, the personal data will be deleted.

Personal data of funded students are stored for the purpose of proving the proper use of funds for the period of 10 years.

In detail, this means: Documents containing personal data (application documents, internship contract, procedures for transferring the scholarship, final documents and other individually relevant documents within the application process) are processed electronically and/or in paper form by the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY for the purpose of processing and reviewing the application, making decisions regarding the awarding of a TUD – Santander scholarship, and monitoring and accounting for TUD – Santander internships.

After the final completion of the program, the individual documents of the applicants and interns will be deleted.

Afterwards, only the contract and financial documents are kept for another ten years in accordance with legal requirements.

This is necessary because during this period, auditing institutions in Germany are entitled to audit the application process and the handling of Santander scholarships in general and in each individual case. After the expiration of this period, all other documents of the interns will be deleted.

Will personal data be transmitted to third parties or published ?

The data submitted through the application process will be forwarded to potential internship companies and/or institutions. In connection with the scholarship payment, data is forwarded to the TU Dresden’s Financial Department; data for confirmation/recognition of the internship contract is forwarded to the responsible persons in the TU Dresden’s schools as well as in the respective internship companies.

In the case of active internship acquisition by LEOSACHSEN, personal data can be forwarded to companies upon request. This procedure can be agreed to in the application form. This consent to data transmission is voluntary and has no further influence on the application process. In addition, personal data will be transmitted to the funding body (Santander Bank) as required for the purpose of providing evidence of proper use of funds.

Im deutschen Text an dieser Stelle ergänzen:

Zu Auswertungszwecken werden die Bereiche der TU Dresden informiert, welche ihrer Studierenden ein “TUD – Santander Praktikum” absolviert haben.

Die erfassten personenbezogenen Daten werden nicht veröffentlicht.

For evaluation purposes, the TU Dresden departments are informed which of their students have completed a “TUD – Santander Internship”.

The personal data collected will not be published.


What are the basic rights of data subjects?

To claim the rights, a notification in text form (letter, e-mail or fax) to the coordinator of the program in the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY is sufficient. However, the exercise of the rights will only have an effect if the processed data allow the identification of a natural person.

1) Right of access (Art. 15 DSGVO).

Data subjects have the right to request information about the data processed about them and about possible recipients of this data at any time. They are entitled to a response within a period of one month after receipt of the request for information.

2) Right to rectification, erasure and restriction (Art. 16 – 18 DSGVO).

Data subjects may at any time request TU Dresden to correct, delete or restrict the processing of their personal data.

3) Right to data portability (Art. 20 DSGVO).

Data subjects may request that the coordinator of the program at LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY transmit their personal data to them in a machine-readable format. Alternatively, they may request that the personal data provided by them be transferred directly to another responsible, where this is possible.

4) Right of complaint (Art. 77 DSGVO).

Data subjects may contact the TU Dresden data protection officer at any time and, in the event of a complaint pursuant to Art. 77 DSGVO, the competent supervisory authority for data protection.

The competent supervisory authority is:

Saxon Data Protection Officer

PO Box 11 01 32

01330 Dresden

Tel.: +49(0)351/85471 101

Fax:+ 49(0)351/85471 109


Application deadlines

Applications are due every two months by

31 January / 31 March / 31 May 31 July/ 30 September/ 30 November

Ideally you should apply

  • six months before the desired start date of your internship.

This gives you and the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY enough time to find a suitable internship placement. In addition, this lead time allows you to take advantage of the further education offered by the Career Service of the TU Dresden to train specifically required skills.

Information about the Career Service

However, please apply at least

  • three months before the planned start date of your internship.
    This is the minimum time needed to find a suitable internship company.
    You increase your chances of being placed in a company if you
  • can be flexible in terms of time.

We therefore recommend that you consider two options for the internship period and enter them in the application form.

How do I apply?
What are the application documents?

  • Your application is initially for admission to the program “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships”. If you are accepted into the program, you can receive a Santander Scholarship after a suitable internship position is finally found.
  • You can also apply if an internship position already available. In that case, we will additionally check if your company is suitable for the request of the program “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships”.
  • Please submit your application documents to the LEONARDO OFFICE SACHSEN electronically, preferably via the SecureMail Portal of the TU Dresden to the following e-mail address: (see information under point “Data protection information”).

Application documents:

  • Application documents to be prepared by yourself (please submit only fully completed and signed scans):
  • Application form (you can find the application form here.),
  • Letter of motivation to participate in the program, signed,
  • Curriculum vitae, signed (you can use the europass curriculum vitae, you can find it here.).
  • Additional scans:
  • Proof of enrollment,
  • Grade transcript for all subjects completed to date,
  • Individual language certificates (if available) and or self-assessment via the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (you can use the self-assessment grid if you do not have any other language certificates, you can find it here),
  • References, if available (especially regarding previous internships).

What should the letter of motivation contain?

  • Please outline why you are a suitable candidate for a regional corporate internship with a Santander Scholarship. Please reference the objectives of the program – see program information.
  • In addition, please outline the business sector and entrepreneurial area in which you could imagine doing an internship in Saxony’s business community. You can arrange the internship in such a way that it is related to your major field of study or use it to familiarize yourself with other fields, which could give you a broader professional orientation or even a “lateral entry”. You are welcome to consult with the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY about this in advance. Final theses can be funded as part of the internship program, if the company provides the topic and this can be recognized/graded by your faculty.
  • Please note that if you are accepted into the program, you will later need to supplement the above application documents with specific letters of application to the potential internship companies.

Terms and conditions of participation

  • Internships with a TUD – Santander scholarship are full-time internships.
  • TUD – Santander Scholarships can be awarded for mandatory and voluntary internships.
  • TUD – Santander Scholarships will only be awarded if an eligible internship is found after application or is already available at the time of application. Awards will be made in the order in which available internships are confirmed.
  • Upon confirmation of the Santander Scholarship, you will receive a “TUD-Santander Internship and Funding Agreement”. Any failure to comply with the provisions of this agreement may result in the scholarship being reduced or revoked. This means that changes to the internship content or to other contractual regulations must be reported/applied for to the LEONARDO OFFICE OF SAXONY.
  • The Santander Scholarship cannot normally be reduced.
  • Should conditions of “force majeure” occur that make it necessary to shorten the internship, this must be reported to LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY.

    Force majeure = 1.) own prolonged illness of two weeks or more; 2.) Illness of first-degree family members so that care is required; 3.) Catastrophes).

    On a case-by-case basis, a decision will be made as to whether the stipend can be granted for the shortened internship period.

    • An extension of the internship is possible without a Santander Scholarship. Please refer to the further instructions under the section “during/after the internship”.
    • Internship periods with a Santander Scholarship must fall within the project period of the “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships” program, i.e., they must be completed by December 31, 2022.

    Scholarship Award Instructions:

    • Applications without an internship placement are not guaranteed to be placed, i.e., it cannot be guaranteed that an internship placement can be secured, as this depends in the end on the company’s acceptance.
    • The Santander Scholarship will be awarded after confirmation of an internship position in the case that scholarship funds are still available at that time (the available number of scholarships will be announced on the website under “News”).

    How do I prepare for a TUD - Santander internship?

    Before applying, please take advantage of the counseling services offered by the LEONARDO OFFICE OF SAXONY.

    The following questions can be clarified in counseling sessions:

    • Which company sector/area of work is suitable for me?
    • What are my personal goals for the internship?
    • What qualifications/competencies can I already offer a potential internship company?
    • Which qualifications/competencies should I still train until the start of the internship?
    • What do I want to learn in the internship? What competencies do I want to acquire/train through the internship?
    • How do I find an internship company?
    • How do I secure my stay during the internship (accommodation, insurance, financing)?
    • What do I have to do to prepare the internship contract?
    • How does the LEONARDO OFFICE SACHSEN accompany the internship?
    • What should I do if problems arise during the internship?
    • What is the recognition process for mandatory and voluntary internships?
    • Which further education offers of the Career-Service of the TU Dresden can I use to prepare myself for my internship?

    Please inform yourself about the offers of the Career-Service of the TU Dresden

    Procedure after receipt of your application:

    • After a positive review of your application documents, you will receive a confirmation of participation in the program “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships”.
    • If you have already applied with an internship position, the internship company will be evaluated with regard to the funding goals of TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships. If the evaluation is positive, you will receive a scholarship commitment – if sufficient project funds are available at that time. After that, preparations for the internship contract will begin. If the evaluation is negative or there is not sufficient scholarship funding at the time of your application, you will receive a rejection letter.
    • If you apply without an internship placement, the internship placement search will start after a counseling interview following the receipt of your application. In this phase, you are encouraged to discuss your application with the LEONARDO OFFICE SACHSEN again in person in order to secure a joint approach.
    • The “TUD-Santander Internship and Sponsorship Agreement” contains legal and financial regulations (scholarship, possibly remuneration or other financial benefits from the company) as well as stipulations regarding the content and supervision of your internship. It is signed by four parties: The intern, the company, your faculty at TU Dresden, LEONARDO-BÜRO SACHSEN).
    • The “TUD-Santander Internship and Funding Agreement” must be concluded before the internship begins; in exceptional cases, it can be signed by the company on the first day of the internship at the latest.

    In order to prepare the “TUD-Santander Internship and Funding Agreement”, the “Company form” must be completed by you or the company (the “company form” can be found here).

    • Please submit the “company form” to LEONARDO-BÜRO SACHSEN via the following e-mail address:
    • You can start the process of arranging your insurance coverage as soon as the internship period and the company are confirmed.

    Please note the information under the point ” Insurance coverage for the internship period”.

    Insurance coverage for the internship period.

    Accident insurance:

    During an internship in Germany, you are covered by accident insurance at the workplace, for the journey from your home to the workplace and back, and for the duration of business trips via the internship company.

    Please ask the internship company about this.

    Health insurance:

    Please inform your health insurance company independently as soon as you have been approved for an internship position. Any additional payments may have an impact on the amount of the insurance contribution.

    Liability Insurance:

    Please check with your internship company to see if they offer liability insurance for interns for work-related damages. Depending on the information you receive back, you will decide for yourself whether or not you would like to take out additional liability insurance. This is optional and depends on your personal safety needs related to the nature of your internship assignment.

    Optional insurances:

    Recreational accident insurance and theft insurance are optional insurance possibilities. Please decide for yourself if you would like to purchase these additional insurances. This depends on your safety needs.

    What do, if I want to make a complaint?

    Every applicant or scholarship holder can complain in writing to report any deficiencies in the implementation of the program “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships”. The first contact person is the head of the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY, Ms. Katharina Gabel-Stransky, regardless of the content of the complaint.

    This is possible
    by mail
    Dresden University of Technology
    Ms. Katharina Gabel-Stransky
    01062 Dresden


    by e-mail

    What happens with the complaint?

    Ms. Gabel-Stransky forwards the complaint to the project management or other responsible departments for clarification and prompt resolution. Every complaint is treated confidentially. If it seems necessary for problem solving, relevant persons, e.g. representatives of the respective department of the TU Dresden, of the Dezernat 1 (responsible for the transfer of scholarships) or the receiving institution will be consulted.

    Depending on the type of complaint, the complainant will be involved either directly or in the form of information on the problem-solving processes, taking into account data protection.

    What consequences can a submitted complaint have?

    All complaints and the measures developed as a result will be included in the next analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the LEONARDO OFFICE OF SAXONY as part of the annual evaluation of the program “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships”. In the case of problems that require a general, overarching solution, a separate evaluation is also carried out with the departments concerned or the management of the TU Dresden and with Santander. It is examined whether the reported problem could be solved and whether the measures used to remedy it are effective in the long term. In the case of particularly serious deficiencies, there is the possibility of an early evaluation.

    Stipend payments

    The stipend payment is made in two installments:

    • You will receive the first installment (= 1,000 EUR for two internship months) during the 1st internship month via bank transfer to your account.
    • You will receive the second installment (= 500 EUR for the third internship month) after the completion of the internship upon submission and review of the final documents – see information under the item “Final documents and internship evaluation report” below.

    Extension/shortening of the internship

  • The Santander grant cannot be shortened, nor extended.
  • Should circumstances arise due to “force majeure” that require the internship to be shortened, this must be reported to the LEONARDO OFFICE OF SAXONY – see information under the section “Information requirements”.
    What counts as force majeure?
    – your illness (longer than two weeks),
    – illness of family members of the 1st degree, so that there is need for care,
    – catastrophes
  • If an extension of the internship is required, this is possible without a Santander scholarship. Please note that a Santander Scholarship will no longer be paid and that the company is obliged to pay the minimum wage from the third month of the internship onwards (except in the case of mandatory internships).
  • What are your information obligations?

    In order to carry out your internship according to our quality standards (see “Program Information”), scholarship holders have the obligation to provide the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY with the following information during the internship:
    • Change of address at the internship location, place of study or residence ( formless),
    • Change of account number for the transfer of grants ( formless),
    • Application for internship shortening or extension (request for change – you can find it here).

    The request for shortening must be submitted to LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY as soon as the need for it becomes necessary due to force majeure. Please submit all change information/requests via the following project email address:

    The request for extension must be submitted to LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY at least one month before the original end of the internship, i.e. by the end of the second month of the internship.

    Please make sure that both you and the person in charge of your internship institution sign the application. Send us the application digitally or by post. After reviewing the given reasons, you will receive either a modified agreement or a rejection notice. If the shortening of the stay is accepted (see information under “Extensions/Shortenings”), the amendment agreement includes the reimbursement of part or all of the stipend. Extensions are possible without the continuation of the Santander Scholarship, in case that the company agrees and there are no conflicts with the study schedule. For voluntary internships, the company must also be willing to pay the minimum wage.

    Information on occurring/emerging problems that conflict with the agreed internship course, jeopardize the fulfillment of the agreed internship contents or have resulted from the violation of other contractual points of the TUD – Santander Scholarship – Internship Contract.

    The “TUD-Santander Internship and Grant Agreement” is only considered to have been fulfilled if a medical notice has been submitted for each day of absence due to illness in accordance with company regulations. In case of longer absences due to illness or treatment (two weeks or more), the project team of the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY must be informed. Depending on the nature of the illness, a decision will then be made together with the intern and the internship company as to whether the internship must be terminated or shortened. In such a case, the stipend can be granted until the shortened end date.

    Final documents/internship evaluation

    Sie haben bis zu vier Wochen nach Praktikumsende Zeit, Ihre Abschlussunterlagen einzureichen.

    You have up to four weeks after the end of your internship to submit the final documents.

    1. INTERNSHIP CERTIFICATE: copy of the “Qualified internship certificate/job reference” from the internship institution.
      A template for the internship transcript can be found here. The copy can be submitted by mail or as a scan via secure email.
    2. IMMATRICULATION CERTIFICATE for the entire period of the internship (if for the total duration of the internship not already verified). The copy can be submitted by mail or as a scan via secure email.
    3. INTERNSHIP EVALUATION: The form can be found here. You can submit the completed form by mail or via secure email.

    Privacy notice

    Saving of your data:

    Documents with personal data (application documents, TUD – Santander Scholarships – Internship Contract, procedures for transferring the scholarships, final documents and other, individually relevant documents within the application process) are required by the LEONARDO OFFICE SACHSEN electronically and/or in paper form for processing and reviewing the application, for the decision regarding the award of a Santander Scholarship as well as for monitoring and accounting of the internship. These documents are kept in the LEONARDO OFFICE SACHSEN for another ten years after the end of the program in accordance with the legal requirements of the state of Saxony. This is necessary because during this period inspection institutions in Germany are entitled to examine the application procedure and the handling of the Santander scholarships in general and in each individual case. After expiration of this period, the documents of the applicants and trainees will be destroyed in the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY in a data-protection-protected manner.

    Infoveranstaltung des Programms „TUD – Santander Stipendien für Praktika“

    Besuche die Online-Informationsveranstaltung, wenn Du Fragen hast oder mehr Informationen über das Programm haben möchtest.

    • 31.08.2022, 15.00 – 17.00 Uhr
      Ort: online
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    • 30.03.2022, 15.00 – 17.00 Uhr
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    • 13.10.2021, 15.00 – 17.00 Uhr
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    Diese Informationsveranstaltung findet ausschließlich online statt und alle Teilnehmer erhalten die Zugangsdaten vor Beginn der Informationsveranstaltung.

    Santander presents itself - Cooperation with TU Dresden

    Santander cooperates with 1,432 partner universities in 31 countries as part of its social commitment to support higher education globally. One of these Santander universities is TU Dresden.

    If you would like to learn more about TU Dresden’s collaboration as a Santander University with Santander: 

    Becas-Plattform von Santander

    TU Dresden students and staff have the opportunity to participate in other Santander scholarship and grant programs.
    The Becas platform:

    Experiences and impressions of interns of the program TUD - Santander Scholarships for Internships

    Christina Ullrich
    Studiengang: Politikwissenschaft
    Praktikumseinrichtung: VERSO Dresden gGmbH
    Abteilung: Redaktion
    Zeitraum des TUD – Santander Praktikums: 03.05.- 30.07.2021


    Einblicke in das Praktikum von Christina Ullrich
    Warum muss unsere Sprache manchmal so kompliziert sein?
    Geht das nicht einfacher?
    Und ob!
    Das durfte ich während meines Praktikums bei der VERSO gGmbH erfahren. VERSO steht für verständnis-orientiert. Dahinter verbirgt sich eine Agentur für barrierefreie Kommunikation. Es geht darum, Verständnishürden abzubauen und dabei gleichzeitig ansprechende Texte für eine große Zielgruppe zu schreiben. Denn Sprache soll inklusiv sein und alle miteinschließen.
    Die Dienstleistungen werden für öffentliche Institutionen, wie zum Beispiel die Technische Universität Dresden oder die Landeshauptstadt Dresden, erbracht. Besonders spannend war ein Projekt zur Bundestagswahl für mich, welches zusammen mit dem Netzwerk für inklusive politische Bildung entstanden ist. Menschen mit Behinderung stellten ihre Fragen an die Politik. Das wurde in einem Video-Format umgesetzt und an die jeweiligen Parteien, die zur Bundestagswahl kandidieren, verschickt. Die Politiker:innen antworteten ebenfalls per Video auf die ans sie gestellten Fragen. Meine Aufgabe bestand darin, die Drehtage vorzubereiten, eine Website für das Projekt zu erarbeiten und ein Wörterbuch in leicht verständlicher Sprache zu Begriffen rund um Politik zu erstellen.
    Das Santander-Stipendium hat mich während meiner Zeit bei VERSO begleitet. Bei Rückfragen konnte ich mich immer an das Santander-Team wenden. Neben dem persönlichen support ist auch die finanzielle Unterstützung ein riesiger Vorteil: Man weiß, dass die eigene Arbeit gewürdigt wird und das motiviert umso mehr!
    Und wie ging es dann weiter? VERSO zu einem Praktikumsgeber für zukünftige Student:innen geworden. Andere Stipendiat:innen können vom Santander-Netzwerk profitieren und das Unternehmen kennen lernen. Und ich habe eine Stelle im Unternehmen angeboten bekommen. Für mich hat sich das Praktikum mehr als gelohnt. 😉
    Ich kann mich zum Abschluss nur noch einmal für die Unterstützung bedanken. Und eine kleine Empfehlung habe ich auch noch: Bewerbt euch und werdet Teil der Community! 😊

    Taddeus Helm
    Studiengang: Medienforschung und Medienpraxis
    Praktikumseinrichtung: Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Sachsen
    Zeitraum des TUD – Santander Praktikums: 08.07. 30.09.2021

    Taddeus Helm. (07.07.2021) . Klappe die Erste! Wahlkampf in Sachsen [Episode 1] [Video]. YouTube. Taddeus Helm. YouTube

    Renan Granado Chaves
    Studiengang: Biodiversity and Collection Management
    Praktikumseinrichtung: Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz, Abteilung Entomologie
    Abteilung: Entomologie
    Zeitraum des TUD – Santander Praktikums: 03.01.- 31.03.2022


    As an international student who does not speak German, I thought getting an internship in Saxony was going to be really hard. However, the Leonardo-Büro Sachsen with the TUD – Santander Stipendien für Praktika showed me that this fear was only in my head.
    My internship was at the entomology department at Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz. There, I was able to learn not only the technical specificities on how to work on an insect collection, like preparing and identifying specimens, but also about ecology and behavior of certain species. I also learned how to use specific equipment, like a brand new microscope for taking pictures for identification, publication, etc., and to interpret old sampling notes and put them on the museum’s database.
    Biodiversity and Collection Management (now Organismic Molecular Biodiversity) is an international full masters program in English offered by TU Dresden and Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz (Senckenberg Natural History Museum). Students learn how museum collections management works, as well as how exhibitions are displayed and what the whole meaning and purposes or museums are. However, TUD – Santander Stipendien für Praktika gave me the opportunity to go beyond the program’s study plan and learn things that undoubtedly made me a better, more prepared and more knowledgeable professional to work in my area.
    It is also important to me to highlight that during the whole process of application and even during my internship, the Leonardo-Büro Sachsen employees always helped me with everything I needed. So, my advice to the people who are interested in the program is to not be in doubt whether to apply or not, and always count on the Leonardo-Büro Sachsen staff.
    P.s. I am also sharing my favorite two pictures I took with the microscope of two species (‘Lasius fuliginosus’ -the blackish one- and the ‘Myrmica ruginodis’ -the redish one-) that I prepared and identified myself.

    Alexandra Gafke

    Studiengang: Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften
    Praktikumseinrichtung: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
    Abteilung: Medien und Kommunikation
    Zeitraum des TUD – Santander Praktikums: 01.04. – 30.06.2022

    Einblicke ins Praktikum

    Vier Semester reiner Online-Lehre erweckten in mir den immer stärker werdenden Wunsch, meine Fähigkeiten endlich auch „im Feld“ unter Beweis zu stellen. Das konnte ich im Rahmen eines Praktikums bei den Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD) in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit tun. Die Abteilung Medien und Kommunikation ist verantwortlich für die Organisation und Kontrolle hinter den Kulissen und für die Gewährleistung des ununterbrochenen Informationsflusses – intern und extern. Das Praktikum hat mich auf jeden Fall Respekt vor dieser Arbeit gelehrt, aber mir auch gezeigt, wie viel Spaß man daran haben kann. Mein hilfsbereites, aufgeschlossenes Team ermöglichte mir unter anderem den Besuch von Pressekonferenzen und exklusiven Ausstellungsrundgängen sowie die Betreuung von Journalist*innen- und Fotograf*innen-Teams, in denen ich aufblühen konnte. Zudem war ich dank des mir anvertrauten Pressespiegels noch nie besser informiert über das aktuelle Geschehen in der Welt von Kunst und Kultur 😊

    Unterstützt wurde ich während der gesamten Zeit vom Santander-Stipendium in finanzieller und vom Leonardo-Büro Sachsen in persönlicher Hinsicht. Rückfragen wurden immer schnellstens beantwortet und Probleme gelöst, während das Stipendium eine tolle Motivation bot und mir weiterhin Unabhängigkeit ermöglichte.

    Alles in allem habe ich eine wunderbare Erfahrung gemacht, die mir bei der Determination meines künftigen Berufsweges weitergeholfen hat. Daher kann ich die TUD – Santander Stipendien für Praktika nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen und bin stolz, Teil der Community zu sein 😊


    Maria Teresa Del Solar Vela

    Studiengang: Ecosystem Services
    Praktikumseinrichtung: Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH – UFZ
    Abteilung: Department Naturschutzforschung
    Zeitraum des TUD – Santander Praktikums: 09.05. – 08.08.2022

    Einblicke ins Praktikum

    Ecosystem services are defined as the direct and indirect contributions of ecosystems for human well-being (e.g. water purification, mitigation of flood risk, delivery of oxygen, etc.). In the actual context, where the global loss of biodiversity and ecosystem degradation are among the challenges of global environmental change, mapping and assessing ecosystem services as well as capturing their values is an important objective for sustainability strategies and international biodiversity conservation.

    As part of my study program MSc. Ecosystem Services, I did my internship at the Conservation Biology & Social-Ecological Systems department with the working group Conservation Oriented Population Ecology at The Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research – UFZ in Leipzig. I participated in the monitoring of amphibians, more specifically newts (crested and smooth newts) and tadpoles, in NGS Burgaue and NGS Colditz. The purpose of the monitoring was to assess the influence of microclimate and land use on the suitability of terrestrial habitats for amphibians. Furthermore, to understand the role of amphibians in ecosystems and the ecological processes behind species’ status and trends, as well as the risk and consequences of population decline. There I was able to gain practical experience in identification of native animal species, planning of fieldwork, methods for mapping and monitoring, and data processing and evaluation methods. More importantly, I was able to see the close relation between biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services and to experience, once more, the urge for action to halt the loss of habitats and work towards sustainable development and nature-based solutions.

    Doing this internship was an enriching experience and thanks to the Santander Stipendium program I could completely focus on the professional tasks of my internship without having to worry about financial factors. The Leonardo-Büro Sachsen staff were always very kind and supportive, helping with difficult questions. So, to the people interested in the program, my advice is to not hesitate to get in contact with the Leonardo-Büro Sachsen staff, who will help you with your doubts.

    Here is a cute photo of a newt and a photo of me checking a trap for monitoring.

    Download digital flyer

    The barrier-free digital flyer for the program “TUD – Santander Scholarships for Internships” can be downloaded here.