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The Santander Skills for Professional Development – ESADE program is aimed at university students and young professionals between the ages of 20 and 28, at the time of publication of the program call, with up to 3 years of work experience and who were born or reside in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, USA, and the United Kingdom.

The objective of this scholarship program is to promote the professional development and employment opportunities of the participants, enabling them to:

  • Coordinate and lead teams in a powerful way, encouraging their involvement in their professional projects.
  • Detect the shortcomings of the projects and be able to give creative answers to the problems that arise in the development of their profession or career.
  • To speed up the processes optimally and effectively, developing new work methodologies according to the projects‘ needs.
  • To influence the work teams, with clients or other stakeholders during the development of their professional activity.
  • Know how to communicate different types of information to different recipients and select the appropriate channels for each type of message.
  • Convert conflicts or failures into opportunities, solve problems effectively through the decision-making, and mediate between the parties involved.

This program is especially interesting for young profiles who are finishing their training or starting their professional careers and want to develop transversal skills to ensure a solid base. The skills they will acquire will help them take an active role in dealing and influencing people and developing processes and working methods.

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